Chinese Writing Techniques

Narrative Essay

Firstly, determine the main priority, and write profoundly. Excavate and pen down the topic philosophy and substances, ponder repeatedly, and determine the main intention of the essay. Namely, be adept in depicting minor matters profoundly.

Secondly, explain clearly the 6 essential factors. The occurrence of a matter, one cannot leave out the time, venue, person/persons involved, reason/reasons of such happening, process and result. Upon clear explanation of these 6 essential factors, readers are able to gain a full understanding of the essay.

Thirdly, essay presentation must be in sequence and orderly. Prepare and choose a reasonable sequence according to the essay timeframe. The common narrate will be in proper sequence, recalled sequence and interceptive sequence.

Fourth, explain the sequence clearly, and highlight the main point. Common Narrative essay comprise of primary and secondary incidents. The primary incident must be explained in detail and the secondary contents can be explained briefly. The primary and secondary contents must be differentiate clearly, in order to leave a deep impression for the readers.

Fifth, the essay has to be specific. Whether or not if you are able to specifically narrate the essay, depends on your ability to unfold and narrate the incident. Separate the phase in different sequence and describe the development. This will make the essay more concrete and lively.

Lastly, exaggerate the surroundings and make the essay more vivid and touching. For an incident to develop and took place, the surroundings is very important. Capture and pen down the distinguish features of the surroundings will play up the ambience, express the emotions, which make the essay more vivid and touching.